Paul Blackout

Paul started going to ‘raves’ in 1993, and after collecting many recordings of various radio shows, he started buying records, and a little while later, his first set of decks. First he played old school techno and breaks, stuff like early Moving Shadow and Formation, along with Edge Records, Rabbit City, Bonzai etc etc. After hearing Wedlock’s “Acid Rain” on Ruffneck, he got the bug for hardcore, and went on to play hardcore techno, such as Ruffneck, Twisted Vinyl, Rotterdam etc until he got into some harder traxx too.

From about 1997 until 2000, he played a lot of breakcore and hardcore techno, from labels like Deathchant, Area 51, Industrial Strength, and few harder traxx, like Bloody Fist, Dead End… He played at a few parties in Perth, and a couple of Fist parties in Newcastle, before he drifted into the world of drum n bass. He played just one party in Sydney, before retiring from the decks to spend more time producing. Nowadays he concentrates on drum n bass, but still feels the need to crank the BPM over 200 and make some hardcore.

Then, after scoring his first drum n bass release on Dutch label Ruff-Teck, he picked up the turntables again as a sideline to producing, and has since been playing out when possible to promote his music.

In 2003 he was handed over the running of Hardline Rekordingz by ‘former’ owner Max Veritech (Animal Intelligence).

Releases on Theoretic
THR003 - The Future

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