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A bit of a story…

Coming up with a clear cut answer as to what inspires DJ Hidden is not easy. Sure, certain things come to mind. The night, his favorite part of the day, for instance. Possibly cities and their urban decay. Or perhaps a little insanity. Maybe even simply just other music.

What drives him to do what he does is not so hard to figure out though. The constant desire to create has always been in his blood. As a kid, he would fill his time with drawing, playing musical instruments, messing around with reel-to-reel recorders, and record players — anything he could get his hands on. Computers that were initially only capable of producing monophonic bleeps gradually became sequence tools and, although he didn’t give up his classical guitar training for years, these machines increasingly became more interesting to experiment with.

The process of sound creation evolved and it became possible to write entire compositions just by using a computer. This appealing degree of control eventually resulted in the first couple of structures some might call songs. Back in those days, the electronic music scene was still in its early development stages but that only made it more interesting. Although genres such as acid and even industrial were already around, the degree of freedom was still limitless… anything was possible as long as it was either danceable, experimental or a bit of both.

Coming from a small city in the Netherlands, it did not seem as though there were many people around doing the same stuff. Mutual friends kept hinting about “this other guy that does stuff with a computer” and eventually DJ Hidden was introduced to Eye-D.

Releases on Theoretic
THR002 - Solid Tactics
THR004 - Blast Doors of Perception

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