Timely Aiah - Jesus Against Vice & Disease - THRDIGI006

Painting by Erika Jaynes (aka Queenloopy)

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Artist: Timely Aiah
Title: Jesus Against Vice and Disease
Genre: Downtempo, Glitch, Trip Hop

From the shadows of Saint Petersburg, Russia, Timely Aiah makes his
Theoretic debut with ‘Jesus Against Vice & Disease’,
an eclectic mid-tempo release squarely aimed at the cerebellum.

His use of distorted textures and brooding cinematic orchestrations delicately
layered on top of shifting beats emote a sullen landscape inhabited by
angelic voices with hints of vocals bubbling just below the surface.
As with most Theoretic releases, ‘Jesus Against Vice & Disease’ is a
must have for any connoisseur of the musically avant-garde.

Timely Aiah - Jesus Against Vice & Disease - THRDIGI006
1. Dirty Thoughts

2. Oh, Doctor Jesus

3. Parkinson's Disease at 21 Years

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